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Woman of Wisdom 2016!

Dates: October 29th- November 5th, 2016 
Cost of Tuition: $ 795 USD


Join us for 7 days of Deep Feminine Practice on the Exotic Island of Koh Yao Noi, Thailand.


The retreat will include:

Ashtanga – Hatha – Vinyasa - Yin Yoga
Spontaneous Dance, Qi Gong, Pranayama
Guided Meditations, Sacred Feminine Rituals
Taoist Feminine Practices, Moon Cycle Restoring, Emotional release, Women’s Biological Clocks


Modern woman has become separated from her true and divine nature. By definition, women have the capacity to bring forth intuition and wisdom at a very high conscious level.

What makes her different from the male is her womb. The womb is her energy center as well as the center from where she draws her innate intelligence. It is from this space that she creates her identity, her speech, her relationships, her family and home.

But Woman is capable of achieving whatever she desires from life; from her Man
... If she becomes wise and awakened!! 

The first step towards fulfilling her highest potential is that Woman needs to anchor herself in the practice of self discipline and self acceptance.

She is already a perfect balance of Yin and Yang energies. All she needs is to celebrate this duality, to adjust the mindset of her intentions and to restore and recharge her energy systems.


Through daily practice of yoga, meditation and special energy practices we will work together to shine Light and Love into the darker recesses of our soul.

 Through a bonding of our sisterhood, you will become empowered to face your deepest fears and insecurities; to finally release and let them go feeling triumphant and free.

This retreat is for every woman who is ready for change! ... If you are ready to experience a powerful feminine transformation; then join us!!…no dramas, no lies…only beautiful and intense Soul Work.

The retreat will be based around an intuitive and flowing daily schedule the components of which will include:

* Daily yoga and breath work practice
* Bliss Dance of Shakti* Art therapy
* Working  with the Elements
* Physical and emotional work with the source of feminine energy Uterus
* Purification of woman's old sexual relations
* Examining feminine belief systems and how they affect our  lives
* Balancing Masculine- Feminine energies
* Understanding why woman is not always able to get what she needs from her partner
* Revealing and using intuition
* Learning to make decisions using “Woman's Body”
* Preparation of body and soul for inviting a new spirit - child…. even if she doesn't plan it…
* Woman VS Man:  How women compete with men and why…..

…..And A Lot More!!!


Aliya Galim is the founder and host of Woman of Wisdom retreats

She is a certified yoga instructor E-RYT 200, RYT 500 (Ashtanga, Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha)
Aliya is a Ritualist and Reiki Practitioner (2nd level) and works with people through Guided Somatic Dialogue and Intermittent Hypoxic Therapy.
She currently lives in India from where she travels to conduct international retreats and workshops. 


Woman Of  Wisdom – Beirut February 2016


I attended the 3 day workshop in Beirut last weekend and I would like you to know this:

I feel Blessed and most of all I feel very proud of myself to have taken good decisions in my life that led me to meeting  you and learning from you.


It was never easy for me to change.... I've always seeked "change" and chased after it and for the first time I feel "change" is chasing after me, wanting me so bad to listen and take what I'm receiving seriously and Change.

 A teacher is everything.  And I'm grateful for your teaching. I respect the way you loaded us with precious information and guided us even after you left, making it very clear that we are always connected with you and to the power of knowledge you're willing to keep in our reach at all times.


Aliya, I'm very thankful because I have a foundation of knowledge I can share now with my two teenage daughters who desperately need all this love and guidance.


Myrna Younes


Woman of Wisdom was one of the most heart opening workshops I've ever embarked on. I really had no idea what to expect - I knew we would be practicing asanas, meditating and dancing at some point, and so I made sure not to set any expectations. I never was one for women circles and women-driven activities. Until WoW. 

Day in day out for 3 days, Aliya spoke to my soul; her words, ideas and intuition were spot on and resonated in my heart and mind. She helped me tap into my true self - the little girl full of wonder and passion that I had lost along the way - albeit briefly, but at least I found out she was still alive and well! Connecting with my female ancestors brought a whole new perspective to my life; my role and my journey, the importance of them all: the good, the evil, the kind and the cruel ones.

Soft yet strong, traditional yet modern, this workshop speaks to all women - wherever they are in their lives - and I simply cannot recommend it enough. I hope to reconnect with Aliya in another workshop, retreat or teacher training, as she is a formidable human being and a truly wise woman.

Pia Bou Khater


Woman of Wisdom 2016 in Beirut has been a wonderful experience! I have met Aliya during my TTC at Trimurti, Goa in 2015 - Aliya taught me Yin and Ashtanga and she obviously marked as an inspiration!! From there on, I knew that this special being is to be shared with the world and so I invited Aliya to my country... Aliya is a beautiful combination of a disciplined and free soul which is very rare to find. Her continuous creativity and strive to deliver quality is what makes her successful and good at what she does! Students at Woman of Wisdom were super engaged and motivated with her upbeat playlist and heart felt story tellings. I personally noticed my body, mind and emotions change in her workshop - especially in the magical Yin class which targeted the myofascial meridians. She is an inspiration! A very well balanced strong and soft teacher who genuinely cares about her students. Anyone who crosses path with Aliya has so much to learn....I know I did...and still do. 

Sharon Ghanime


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