The biggest present of my two weeks yoga retreat were the sunrise Tai chi class’s lead by David. It was my first experience of Tai Chi. Every morning I could not wait to get up to create all those energy balls on the beach which made my hands glow. Thank you David for sharing these wonderful and sublime moments I will always remember.

Miriam, Germany

Tai Chi Meditations

Tai Chi Meditations…a sublime experience of movement and focus…

Join us for these fun and creative two and four day meditation retreats to learn Tai Chi Chi Gong in its most simple yet elegant form.
These unique programs offer students the chance to learn an easily understood yet powerful moving meditation that is perfectly suited to the modern western mindset.

The Tai Chi “short form” that we teach at Island Yoga is essentially a dynamic moving meditation. It’s a simple and easy to learn meditation that is both profound in its implications for body/mind health and wellbeing while being perfectly suited to the modern western student mind.
The Tai Chi “form” or movement is taught in the mornings while the afternoon sessions are dedicated to the cultivation of internal energy through the practice of Qi Gong.

The two day program covers the opening 6 moves from the classic Yang 24 form, the most popular Tai Chi practiced in the world today.
The 4 day program adds a further 6 moves to combine with the opening 6 form sequence to make an exquisitely graceful Tai Chi meditation dance.

Island Yoga is now offering students the opportunity to learn an innovative style of meditation, a beautiful Taoist practice that we feel fits well with the western mentality and an alternative to the traditional “silent sitting” practices.
Whether you learn the 6 or the 12 form, these simple Tai Chi moves allow you to really get in touch with your internal/external energy fields and are a wonderful means to gain greater health and vitality. You will also quickly realize that this soft and spiraling dance becomes a marvelous moving meditation which is best practiced in the early morning or early evening.
As you repeat the form in continuously flowing circuits 2-3-4 times, (each circuit takes between 3-5 minutes) your Chi power builds to create a powerful bio magnetic energy field within and around the body. This is sometimes called an “Iron Shirt” and acts as a protective shell.
The flowing and spiraling nature of Tai Chi allows you to feel light and energized and completely connected to the Spirit of Nature during the practice; you will also be surprised and delighted by the degree of mental clarity and emotional balance that is retained throughout your day!
Ultimately, daily Tai Chi meditation allows us to reside in a constant state of peace and wholeness within the body-mind-spirit matrix. It can completely change the way you look and feel about yourself as well as the world around you.

Daily Tai Chi meditation practice brings remarkable health benefits!!! These include:

* Increased physical energy
* Improved immune system functions
* Better balance and coordination
* Enhanced sleep cycles




 Typical Daily Program
6-6.30 am.... Wake up to real coffee!! optional activity.....
We meet in our cozy little Tai Chi tea house in this magical predawn time to drink some coffee, or tea if you prefer, indulge in some delicious snacks, chatter among ourselves and marvel at the myriad sounds of the tropical dawn chorus.

6.30-7.15 am.... Sunrise Qi Gong Meditation

….this is also an optional activity, but well worth the effort of rising early; we start each day down on our beach with a simple circling and spiraling Qi Gong meditation… be very sure to bring your camera; the sunrises over the magnificent Phang Nga bay are truly spectacular!!!

Note: These early morning optional events are open to both Yoga and Tai Chi retreat students.

7.30-9.30 am. Tai Chi 6 form and Tai Chi 12 form sessions.

These are the sessions where you will learn the moves that make up the Yang Tai Chi short form

9.30-2.00 pm...breakfast and leisure time

Yummy “all you can eat” buffet breakfast followed by middle of the day leisure time. In this period you are free to explore the island, relax in a hammock, get a massage or attend other workshops.

2.-4.00 pm.. Qi Gong theory and practice.

There are 4 different Qi Gong modules that make up the afternoon “inner energy cultivation” sessions. They are as follows:

Day 1. Integrated Movement.

Focusing on flowing spiraling Tai Chi style movements in a progressive and yet repetitive manner, one can understand and experience the essential principles of Tai Chi Qi Gong in a more profound manner.
....... the essence to channeling Qi: Root is in the feet, Qi is powered through the legs, it’s governed by the waist and manifests in a harmonious and coordinated style through the hands/fingers/feet......

Day 2. Sun Style Tai Chi.
This class teaches a simple, soft and quite beautiful Tai Chi meditation from the Sun family tradition. With just 8 easy stepping movements to learn, this elegant form takes us deep into the heart and soul of Taoist meditation.





Day 3. Qi Gong Set.

Here is where you will learn the basics of “gathering and channeling” Qi. Circulating Qi through the feet, legs, torso, arms and fingers in a series of simple Qi Gong moves is the essence of this class. This Qi Gong practice is a powerful meditation in its own right and it also paves the way for the final meditation on Day 4.

Day 4. Microcosmic Orbit Meditation.

This dynamic meditation is taught in both standing and seated positions. Here you will learn to open the 12 “energy gates” within the microcosmic orbit by channeling Qi both up the spine (Governor Channel) and down the front of the body (Functional Channel) to create a continuous “orbit” of spiraling Qi energy.

The Taoist masters teach that by opening these energy gates, Qi, or vital life force energy, can then flow freely through the 72,000 meridian circuits that make up the human energetic body. This is the ultimate Taoist meditation for beginners learning Tai Chi Qi Gong and a prerequisite for further advancement in this art form.

With pre-registration, Tai Chi students can also attend the evening Yin yoga class 4.30-6.00 pm.





Final Summary

As well as the obvious body/mind health benefits derived from Tai Chi Qi Gong, students are often also drawn into learning the healing arts. Typically, these would include Japanese Reiki and Sei Ki plus the many other varieties of channeled healing practices. Of course, Tai Chi also perfectly complements an existing yoga practice.

One last note of explanation regarding the meaning of Tai Chi Qi Gong: Qi Gong is principally the internal cultivation of energy (Chi or Qi). We then insert this Qi energy into the Tai Chi spiraling dance sequences to give the form is power and vitality; this is where it become a beautiful outer expression of internal power.

These 2 & 4 day Tai Chi programs can also be booked in conjunction with our 3-5-7 night yoga retreats. The price per day/night is exactly the same.

During our 9 day stay on Koh Yao Noy, we were invited by David to take part in Tai Chi sessions at 6:30 am before the yoga class. We were true beginners in the subject.

The experience is fascinating: we leave to the beach in the dark and start with warming up exercises. The Tai Chi movements taught by David are like the ebb and flow of the water and combine with the sea in a very elegant and gentle dance. Soon we are united with nature and the sun rises slowly above the horizon. Beginners or more experienced, everybody finds its place in this approach where responsibilities may be shared. Thanks a lot to David for his great teaching.

Lyon, France
Starting a new day with Tai Chi lesson giving by David on the beautiful beach made our holiday a very special one. David is a born teacher and with all his heart and patience he explained every movement very clearly.

By repeating the sequences each morning you experience your body remembering each move perfectly with David slowly combining the different movements to create a remarkable moving meditation.

With your bare feet in the sand, the sound of the awaking birds, beautiful colors of the sky and ocean views you start feeling the energy glowing in your hands…a very special and powerful feeling.

Laura, Amsterdam

I did not know anything about Tai Chi really. I came for a yoga retreat and heard my roommate talking about the 6:00 Tai Chi. I have never been a “morning person” either, so the idea of waking up in the dark was less than appealing. Somehow, I managed to get to the Tai Chi with David. It was perhaps the most incredible experience I have ever had. David calls Tai Chi dancing in the dawn. I was so eager to get back to Tai Chi the next morning, that I woke my roommate up, excited for the next Tai Chi dance, only to discover that it was only 2:00 a.m.!!! I was so moved by the time on the beach, by the smooth, meditative motions of Tai Chi that I awoke EARLY every morning after my first day. It is truly the best gift I have ever given myself.

Kristy Johnson,
Colorado, USA
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