Island Yoga Retreats and Holidays
29 Jan - 5 Feb 2018

Program Description:

This program is an invitation into a whole world beyond the spoken. This is extraordinary and life changing experience.
It is amazing how much we humans speak today, nevertheless we are not always able to express truth and transparency in our speech. We have tendency to hide and twist truth, feel scary or shy to ask for what we want. Basically we can’t speak properly because we cannot listen. We forgot how to listen to each other. We developed selective listening of only what “I like”. This “I” grows from Ego space which is a natural part of our nature. It is common to hear in Yoga practices that we have to kill our ego. And this is not possible. Ego is not enemy, or an obstacle. It is a gift from Creator. We need learn how to listen within and then Ego becomes our Ally.

Silence, or Mouna in Sanskrit is not easy to practice. If you will be quiet for few days, you have good chances to go crazy. Because suddenly you will “hear” all that arises from the bottom of your consciousness. That is why some release, steaming out is necessary during long silence.
This program is a balanced fusion of both aspects of human’s mind. Like Yin and Yang, Silence and Expression are the pillars of retreat. You will be quiet and expressing in totally new, unexplored way.

In expression mode we are practicing 4 main tools: Shamanic Breathwork, Osho Dynamic Meditations, Extatic Dance – each instrument is here to unblock and release those old and useless patterns, thoughts and voices.

In silence mode we are practicing: Trataka (candle light meditation), Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep), Yin Yoga, Art of conscious eating.
Please apply for this course if you are ready to take silence for 6 days without breaking it. We are going to have a set of rules in order to make this work effective and real. Now the turning point of the challenge is that you will not live in a cave and this is not Vipassana, where everything is comfortably settled for your silence. You will stay in a Yoga resort where there are other people beside you, who are not in silence. It is your highest responsibility and intimate practice how to observe your Inner Chatter, stay present and loyal to your intention. Each participant will be guided by Aliya Galim and have a personal assistance, where he/she will be answered questions and corrected or redirected. Individual sessions will be scheduled for each member of the group.

It is through Mouna that we can begin to hear with a listening way beyond what our ears can perceive. Beside stopping the mind from reacting towards the sense objects by refraining the mind to express itself through speech by observing non-talking, non-justification, non-arguing, non-interaction and non-communication with the world, and just stand as a witness or the observer witnessing or observing all the names and forms that are being perceived in the mind.


Day 1
13:00 Check-in and settle
15:00 Opening sharing circle, setting rules and arriving into Silence. Introduction into Art of conscious eating (every breakfast will be practiced as a separate meditation).
16:00-18:00 Osho Dynamic Meditation

Day 2
7:00-9:00 Meditation, Shamanic breathwork
12:00 Yoga Nidra
16:00 Extatic dance - Sensations.

Day 3
7:00-9:00 Meditation, Gentle Yoga class, Osho Dynamic meditation
12:00 Yoga Nidra
16:00 Shamanic breathwork

Day 4
7:00-9:00 Extatic Dance - Emotions.
12:00 Automatic Writing
16:00 Yin yoga, Trataka

Day 5
7:00-9:00 Walking meditation, work in pairs, Art therapy
12:00 Practice with Gratitude
16:00 Shamanic breathwork

Day 6
7:00-9:00 Yoga class, Opening of the voice. Sharing circle.
2:00 Check-out

Tuition Cost: $ 500 for 1 person.
Price includes:  Participation in program, learning material, individual session.

Accommodation cost including buffet breakfast; lunch:
Dorm bed: $170 USD
Budget room bed, shared occupancy: $130 USD
Budget room single occupancy: $ 255 USD
Comfort bungalow shared occupancy:$205 USD
Comfort bungalow single occupancy: $290 USD
A/C bungalow shared occupancy: $225 USD
A/C bungalow single occupancy: $370 USD

Deposit: 50% before 1st January 2018
Rest payment: on arrival

We invite you to join us for an unforgettable island yoga experience
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